Greenfield High School

About our Seahorses

Our seahorses are Hippocampus erectus Seahorses. The male seahorse recently had 45 baby seahorses. Out of these 45 babies, only eleven survived.

Habitat: commonly found in seagrass along coastal areas

  • Characteristics:
    Deep chested, robust and hardy sea horse
  • Colors usually range from black, brown, grey, green, yellow, orange and red
  • Approximately 15 centimeters long
  • Lifespan of one to four years

Popeye- Could be caused by external parasites
Oxygen Bubbles around the eye area
What to do:
Put the seahorses into a freshwater bath for 5 minutes. While the seahorse is in the bath open the antibiotic capsule and put it into the original tank for when it returns.

Pouch Emphysema- The bacteria in the water goes into the male’s pouch when they open it to flirt with the females
What to do:
Gently hold the seahorse and but a bobby pin into its pouch, releasing the oxygen bubbles.

Lack of balance
Swimming upside down